Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mermaid Lagoon

It's funny, I've lived in our little town for 9 winters now (yes, I count my time here by the number of winters I have survived), but I'm constantly amazed by the wonderful little nooks and crannies hiding waiting to be discovered.

The kids and I visit Read Park often, but this is the first time we've found this little fountain area, which was tucked away in a back corner of the area.

The boys immediately found special uses for the stream of cool water.  So original.

And typically violent.

Meanwhile, Miss Boo was imagining herself as a beautiful mermaid.

Then Peter the Sea Slug interrupted her pleasant dreams.

Thankfully little Baby Ella didn't mind and kept right on snoozing!


Acornbud said...

Lots of fun! Ms. Boo has really grown a lot.

Rachel said...

That looks fabulous!! We live in a city where it is currently 105 degrees and has been over 100 degrees until past 8pm every night this week and we have NO SPLASHPAD. I find this ridiculous.

Ellen said...

The kids are SO cute! Little Miss Ella is adorable. This park looks so fun. Hope you are all well!

TuttleTime said...

Somehow, I cannot imagine Boo in a yoga position being quiet and serene. As cute and girly as she is, the girl can hold her own and run with the best of the boys! :) I love that.

I absolutely HATEEE that I have not squeezed and kissed that Ella girl's cheeks yet! Not fair... :(( come down here. :)

Pam said...

I love you comments, I check out your blog when I need a good laugh!

Renee Living Laughing Loving said...

This looks so fun! And how cute is that wittle wee one!!!