Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Emergency Room

So on Sunday night I noticed that I was starting to come down with a fairly bad sore throat, and went to my usual tried and true remedy of gargling apple cider vinegar diluted with water and sweetened with a splash of honey (I know, I know, I should also have added one of those umbrellas on the side).  I will honestly state that the stuff tastes foul, but typically has magical results. 

However, this time, for whatever reason, the dreaded streptococcus pyogenes caught me at a low point, and quickly laid me low.  By Monday mid-morning I had chills so bad my lips were blue.  I briefly debated taking a picture so I could blog it, but that idea only lasted a moment as I wasn't sure I could find the camera in the few seconds I could stand upright.

Although I made an appointment to see the doctor, by the time Handyman came home to take me it was pretty obvious things were not going well, so he took me to the ER instead.  My temperature was 104 and I'd been -um- "unable to keep anything down" all day, so I was dehydrated.  After a dosing of antibiotics (I'm usually anti-antibiotics, hee hee, but some times I will say they are necessary) and lots of fluids pumped into my arm, they discharged me.

I'm doing a lot better today, and although my throat still hurts a lot at least my fever is gone and I'm not so loopy.  (Handyman says when I get a fever I hum and ask the same questions a lot.  I told him I'm just preparing him for my early onset dementia).

Although the ordeal yesterday wasn't fun, I have to thank God for such good friends.  A lady from our church dropped off the best meal (complete with chocolate cake!!!!!!!) and our pastor's wife watched the three older while we were at the ER for a couple of hours.

As Handyman so eloquently posted on facebook: "Every time life throws my family a pile of crap, someone from church is already lined up with a giant shovel and manure boots."


Merry said...

Oh goodness, what next, huh? So glad for shovels & manure boots!! Hope you're feeling better soon.

TuttleTime said...

I am so behind on your blog! My goodness. I am so glad your church is so awesomme! Glad you are doing better, too.