Saturday, June 9, 2012

Funky Socks

I too have succumbed to the Pinterest Craze, and I've had lots of fun looking up recipes, sewing ideas, craft projects, and knitting patterns. 

I happened upon this pin here, and thought her idea of using up those leftover bits of sock yarn was ingenius.  After many, many pairs of knitted socks, I have a rather hefty selection of spare sock yarn bits (not enough for an adult pair of socks, but enough that I couldn't throw the yarn away.)

I knitted this pair for Peter, who seems to love them very much.  I think he found the idea of wearing mis-matched socks comforting, because he generally does that anyway without intending to.

My goodness that child is big!  His feet are just a tad smaller than mine, and he's only eight years old!  Yikes!

Good thing I have so much yarn, ha ha!


Acornbud said...

Hopefully Miss Boo's feet will stay small...I don't envy you knitting all those socks for all those wawae nui!

TuttleTime said...

I have small feet and love mismatched stuff. hint hint. :)