Saturday, June 16, 2012

One of the gifts I got for Ella's birth was a gift card to, so after debating what to get, I decided to splurge on some lovely Amy Butler fabric
I've always loved her designs, but I've never purchased any before because I don't have physical access to the fabric in my town (JoAnn Fabrics doesn't carry her stuff).  After debating for awhile what to get, I settled on three different fabrics which I ordered from

When the fabric arrived, it was beautiful, but two of the three cuts were not the fabric I'd ordered (it was Amy Butler designed, but not the fabric I'd chosen).  I called the company, and they apologized and said I could keep the fabric and they'd send the replacement fabric for free (so now I had two free cuts of expensive fabric.)  While I had the sales representative on the phone, I said I'd changed my mind about one of the fabrics I'd chosen and I wanted to cancel that order and they only had to send one of the replacement fabrics.

A few days later, two more cuts of fabric arrived, the original choices.  Now remember I'd asked for one of the replacement fabrics to be canceled so they shouldn't have sent two, just one.  I called, and they again said that it was fine, and I could keep the extra fabric.  (Now I was up to three free cuts of very expensive and beautiful fabric.)

Two days later, another packaged arrived with yet another shipment of fabric, another cut of the fabric I had cancelled.

Huh.  How does this company stay in business?!!


Merry said...

You make me smile! Those swatches are beautiful, you'll have lots of fun with them!

TuttleTime said...

I would much rather a company err on the side of going overboard to please their customer than the other way. This is great! Obviously, they must be doing well to have such luxurious fabrics. Now what are you going to make. I can't imagine using it for kids' clothes...but I am sure you will create some extraordinary! :) Enjoy. great bright colors.

Anonymous said...

Perfect just what I was looking for!

Anonymous said...

Perfect just what I was looking for!