Sunday, July 15, 2012


My taste buds are missing.  They've either gone on hiatus, or they've met up with other people's taste buds and have been swayed by peer pressure.

(I've give you a moment to let that disturbing mental picture clear your mind.)

I have always, always hated cold things, especially desserts.  As I've always thought desserts to be a waste of time, combining my dislike of "cold" with my aversion to "dessert" was complete anathema.

- And then I got hit with a case of Strep Throat so bad I landed in the Emergency Room.  When nurses cluck their tongues and other nurses come in "just to see", that might be an indication that things are slightly wrong.

Despite a 10 day round of antibiotics, I still didn't feel much better although my fever was gone (it had been 104).  For an entire month I suffered from a sore throat, thinking that "I couldn't possibly still have strep and no doubt I have an allergy problem or a nasty cold".  The only thing that gave me some relief was -

- you guessed it -

Cool desserts.  Specifically, a Mocha Frappuccino.  I think I had one every. single. day.

When I couldn't stand the pain any longer I made another trip to the doctor and found out that, yes, I still had Strep and needed another round of antibiotics.

Thankfully I seem to be much better now, although I'm still waiting for my carb-loving-sweets-avoiding tastebuds of 30+ years to come back.  Things have regressed to the point that this last week I bought a pint of Haagen Daz icecream just for me.  I have never gotten ice cream for me.  Ever.
Like, EVER ever.