Saturday, July 21, 2012


Despite the drought that our area has been suffering, we have been blessed enough to still have a garden that is able to produce some tasty goodies. 

Handyman and I have an arrangement when it comes to garden produce: He takes care of it when it's outside, and I take care of it once it's inside.

(Hee hee, I get the air conditioning).

This year Handyman choose a different type of bush bean than we usually get.  He got a variety called Dragon's Tongue.  It seems to produce just as well as the common variety, and it's got a wonderfully thick waxy pod that doesn't taste at all stringy. 

 Unfortunately it loses much of it's beautiful purple striated color once it's cooked.

Mmmmm, fresh beets.  There's not much that I like more from the garden than roasted beets with a bit of salt and some butter.

Hooray for summer!