Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bumbleberry Belle (or Boo?) Cardigan

This is a cardigan pattern that I wrote up earlier this summer.  I've decided to call it Bumbleberry Belle, because the colors remind me of one of my favorite types of pie, and of course, the Belle refers to my Boo.

What do you think?  Should I rename it Bumbleberry Boo?  Hee hee, it's fun to say.  Try saying it several times in a row . . .

For some odd reason, 100 degree weather gets me hankering to knit something warm, most likely because I am subconsciously wishing for cooler weather.

The yarn is a lovely soft acrylic called I Love This Yarn and I used some Caron Simply Soft neon green for the edging.

It's a super fast knit, because it's knit completely in the round from the top down, and then the front is steeked for the button band.  There are practically no loose ends to weave in because the unused yarn is carried down the inside until it's needed for the next color repeat.

I know it's blowing my own horn, but I have to say this is probably one of the most fun children's sweaters I've ever knit.

I think the recipient agrees with me . . .

I haven't completely finished writing up the pattern, but if you're interested in purchasing this or doing a test knit, let me know!


TuttleTime said...

Bumbleberry Boo is my favorite. I love the poses that Boo made for the sweater.

Ellen said...

This is GORGEOUS! Love the colors and the pattern. I am always in awe of your knitting prowess. ;) Miss Boo looks beautiful in the sweater! ;)