Friday, August 17, 2012

Michigan Madness

Why is it so much easier to blog silly day-to-day things, but trying to blog about a vacation seems almost insurmountable?

Anyway, I'll do my best!

A few weeks ago the four kids and I (do I really have four now?!  When did that happen?!) headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Michigan.

By myself.

With four kids.

By myself.  333 miles.

I AM MOMMA HEAR ME ROAR!!!!! (Making muscle poses).

It's always fun to visit them, but we had a special reason to go, which was my Cousin Niko and his wife Jenny's baby shower.  She's pregnant with twin girls!

Unfortunately I haven't managed to finish their gifts yet, but as Jenny isn't due till October, I figure I've got a bit of time.

My Auntie Erna and Uncle Gary also came to celebrate.

My kids had so. much. fun.

There was attempted drowning swimming and fishing at the Koi Pond,

tractor rides,

motorcycle rides,

second cousins to play with,

 frogs to terrorize,

 and adults to terrorize.

Thankfully the adults found ways to defend themselves.

The kids quickly found ways to circumvent this defense . . .

And then of course since things weren't crazy enough, my Uncle Paul decided that it would be a good idea to equip all the kids with long bamboo poles that they could use to whack each other.

Every time we visit, something gets broken, and this time was no exception.  A poor old rhinoceros needed rhinoplasty after his horn was snapped.  

No, not him, him.

(giggle giggle)
His horn may or may not have been involved in a miniature sword fight.  Explanations have been fuzzy as to exactly how the rhinoceros was harmed.

 All in all, it was a wonderful vacation.


I had too many pictures to blog, so I uploaded them to a slideshow if you'd like to see more.  If you're viewing this post through facebook or email, you'll need to click here to see the original post and slideshow.


Catherine said...

Your vacation looks fabulous! It is lovely to have a change of scene to recharge the batteries. I found your blog today and have really enjoyed working my way through your posts. How do you find the time to fit all these amazing things in with four kids?!! I struggle with two!! LOL!! I love your blog and look forward to reading more. Cx

TuttleTime said...

Oh my goodness...these photos are awesome. Talk about a picture's worth a thousand words! The one with Uncle Paul making a face and babies in the background is classic! I also love the one with Uncle Gary eating carrots from the pot...that's hilarious! I love the action photos...much more fun and real than the posed ones. I need to learn to take those. My camera is not good with those. Need a new camera. :) Anyway, I am writing from Oma's computer. I love you and these photos. Talk to you soon. :) Angie

TuttleTime said...

I have your slideshow running and the photos of Opa and his playing just came on....It stopped me in my tracks! Wow...I really need a recording of his playing piano.

I am sooo excited about my book...I have figured out what I am going to do. If Michelle ever goes to bed, i plan to start it up tonight. :)

Rachel said...

I can't believe that you went by yourself. You get the bravery medal of the year!!