Wednesday, September 5, 2012

JAWS Comfy Pants

I don't know why I'm on such a ferocious (ha ha, pun intended!) sewing stint.  Usually I go months at a time without sewing anything.

Pants are so much fun and so easy to sew.  My kids adore wearing "comfy pants" around the house, and when I saw this fabric on sale at Joann's, I couldn't resist getting a bit for Peter.  (We will ignore my earlier post in which I stated I was trying to use up stash fabric.)

I didn't use a pattern, but just traced the comfy pants from another pair of pants Peter had.  (You can see a great tutorial here on how to do that.)

In retrospect I should have made these slightly wider, because they're a tad snug in the bum area (which is saying something, as my son has practically no bum to speak of.)

The only embellishment I added was to use a bright orange zig-zag stitch on the hems.  I figured it was suitably "jagged" to go with "jaws".

It's so nice to have such an appreciative (and cute) recipient!


TuttleTime said...

I love fitting for Peter to have a ferocious dino in his tshirt with jaws on the bottom. :) Killer...