Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Twins and Tutus

My cousin's wife Jenny is due with twins, and so as a baby gift I decided to knit coordinating sweaters.
(I hate my camera.  It takes awful photographs, but especially of greens and purples.  Grrrr....)

I used this pattern here from Sirdar.  It was a quick knit, but because I changed colors for the edging and trim there were a lot of loose ends to weave in, so that took a lot of time.

The embroidery flowers took a bit of time too, but I think they're worth it, especially as it ties in the coordinating colors.

I love the buttons I found, because they're a rather pearly light purple that went well with both cardigans.

It was the color of the buttons that gave me the idea to make matching tutus.  After all, what baby girl doesn't look adorable in a tutu?

There are so many good tutorials out there for making tutus (here's a good one), and it was so easy and fast! Mine took perhaps a bit longer that it should have, because I purchased my tulle from a bolt instead of already cut into strips on a roll, but since the strips didn't have to be perfect, I just eye-balled the width and cut away.

I found some cute ribbon that went really well with the color scheme, and used that as the adjustable waist.

Okay Jenny, you have my permission to have those babies now!


NmB Photography said...

Love the cardigan/ tutu combo.

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooooh those are so cute and I love the colors. You are such a good friend, relative, and person in general. I love when you share your work. thank you jenny p

TuttleTime said...

So sweet!!!! I love those colors together. Great job.