Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ella's Christmas Dress


I got this fabric this summer and I didn't get around to making anything with it until this weekend (procrastination!)  I only purchased half a yard, so I had to use every bit in order to get a wearable outfit from it.

My MiL Diane picked up a handful of sewing notions from a thrift store, and in the bunch was a red binding that matched perfectly!

I added a bit of lace at the cuffs and the bottom hem, but this time I was able to restrain myself and didn't get too wild and crazy . . .
Due to the limited amount of fabric I had to work with, I decided not to use a pattern but just made a simple peasant dress using a shirt Ella wears as a guide for sizing.  The dress won't fit her for long, but as it's a seasonal item anyway I wanted something that fit her perfectly right now.

I love adding a tag.  It makes me feel important and designer-ish.

For the back I did my favorite little cut opening and added a button closure.  The binding made this so easy to do.  Hopefully I can remember what I did the next time . . .

I had bits and scraps left over from the dress, so I made two little fabric shoes to match. 

I found the tutorial online, and it's my favorite bootie pattern for babies. They fit so well and don't take long at all to put together!


Merry said...

Love those booties, adorable! She looks so grown up sitting up in her dress!

Too Little Time said...

beautiful dress - I made similar from a "clown" halloween pattern - made nightgowns for my daughter, one of the best patters I ever had!!!

Ellen said...

She is absolutely adorable. That is such a pretty dress.