Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hawaii Day 5

After spending several days in the car and traveling around the island, I decided that I wanted to spend this day relaxing on the beach and hanging around the cabin.

The surf was pretty high (which means lots of fun) so we rented boogie boards and caught some waves.  The kids were quite good at it! 

(Of course, Miss Boo is so light she can catch any wave, no matter how small.)

We had a "picnic" at the beach and ate some leftover fried rice.

Miss Boo loves flowers, and has been picking every plumeria on base to make leis.  She's quite good at it!

Auntie Pauline had pity on us poor campers who were "roughing it" and brought us the most amazing cupcakes. 

(whispered) Auntie Pauline has cupcake "issues".

Then back to da beach!

All the old people were lined up like birds on a clothesline.

Look at those freezing Hawaiians!  "Eh, look, Hawaiian Shave Ice!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

So what was Handyman doing while we were relaxing? 

No.  The crazy man was clinging for dear life hiking Olamanu Peaks.

(Yes, that is the trail.  Yes, he is insane.)

On top of the second (maybe third?) peak is a watertight container with a notebook for hikers to write things in.  Handyman found this entry by a previous hiker and found it appropriate.

Since he is a sensible man, he naturally picked one of the rainiest days to hike one of the most dangerous climbs on the island. 

(If you can't see the video, click here to go to the original blog post to view it).


laughlogic said...

So happy you all are having fun! Bring some of that weather back with you?