Monday, December 24, 2012

Hawaii Day 6

Bellows AFS, where we are staying, is on the east side of the island, which means every morning we are treated to a spectacular sunrise.

Mum and Dad offered to watch the three older kids for us so that Handyman and I (and baby Ella, of course) could get away for a few hours.

Our sort of "dates" don't always involve candlelight and romantic dinners.

To be fair, Handyman did try to talk me out of attempting this climb, but I was stupid stubborn optimistic that I could do at least a part of it.

The online description of the Koko Head Trail said it was less than a mile long.  "How bad could it be?" I thought.

Heh.  A mile straight up.

I am so thankful for my extremely patient hubby, who never complained at my snail's pace and who walked in front of me all the way down in case I slipped.
 (Hee hee, I like this picture because I look the same height as Handyman.)

On the way home from our hike Handyman noticed a local guy blowing leaves.  He was wearing the same sort of clothes Handyman wears at home - when the weather is 10 degrees!

I guess it's all a matter of perspective.
(And perspiration, if you want to get all swanky and alliterated).


Rachel said...

That hike looked fantastic!! Wow. Why would they build a train track like that, though? Couldn't trains only go down?