Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hawaii Day 7

(Sorry I've been on such a long blogging hiatus.  After we got back from Hawaii, I was so busy editing photos, videos and scrapbooking everything, I was all "photo-ed out".)

On this Saturday the rest of the Ohana (family) came to Bellows for a true Hawaiian luau.  That wasn't scheduled until lunch, however, so we spent the morning relaxing at the beach.

Now, when I mentioned "luau", I bet you were envisioning grass skirts and slaughtered pigs and tiki torches.

Nope, a real local style get-together involves -

- a gas grill.

 Uncle Earl brought poke (raw fish) and some squid (raw too, of course)

Not my idea of tastiness, but to each his own, I guess!

Gabe wasn't too thrilled either.

Uncle Mike, the Grill Master, made Char Siu Chicken and steak with a secret Hawaiian salt marinade.

Auntie Karen made Shoyu Chicken drumsticks (that's her hiding behind the lid).

 Ella got to snuggle with Grandma the Great.

Yummy food, great company - a perfect day!