Monday, February 11, 2013

Hawaii Day 8

Swap Meet! 

If you're ever on Oahu, you have to visit the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.  You can get all the great souvenirs you need (and don't need).  While you're there, stock up on some fabulous tees!

After a rainy morning shopping at the Swap Meet, we got some Pasteles (pronounced pah-TAY-lays) for lunch.  Pasteles are a Spanish dish with some sort of chicken or pork (I think) in a corn mix with olives that's steamed in foil and served with a side of Spanish rice.

To. Die. For.

Since we were in the area, we took the kids to the Bishop Museum.

When I was a kid it was one of my favorite places to go, so I had lots of happy nostalgic memories as my own kids explored the exhibits.
 ('Ahu 'Ula feather shoulder cape)