Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Mum!

My mum had a birthday this past week, and for her birthday present I knitted her a shawl from her own alpaca fiber.

My goodness, this stuff is so lovely and soft!  Alpaca is such a light weight, but extremely warm.  I made the mistake of wearing it around the house for an hour, and ever since I've had extreme alpaca envy.

This pattern is Juneberry and it's knitted with a worsted weight yarn, making it a little bit faster to work with.  However, since it's fairly intricate I wouldn't call this a speedy knit either.

I just loved knitting this.  Wonderful fiber, wonderful pattern, for a wonderful person!

(Click here for specific knitting information)


Ellen said...

Awe thanks Rach. I was strutting like a peacock the whole day I wore it to school! The other teachers drooled with envy. It felt like Shelby the alpaca was all wrapped around me. What an INCREDIBLE gift I will always treasure.