Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rock Show

In our Classical Conversations, we've been studying rocks and minerals, so when we had the opportunity to go to a rock show in a nearby town, we were very excited.

It was so much fun!

I loved how kid-friendly the show was.  The kids got to "pan for gems" (a friend of ours went with her kids and her son got a $50 opal!).
Boo and Peter got a cool assortment of rocks, including some amethysts and shark's teeth.

 Peter helped a man who was slowly chipping away the rock around a fossilized fish.

We bought a lot of really cool rocks for our new collection.  I knew I'd have trouble identifying the rocks after I got them home so I made sure to take lots of pictures of the displays.

Gabe stayed home with Daddy, so it was "just" me, Peter, Boo, and Ella.  I walked around with Ella in the Mai Tai carrier, and she spent the whole time desperately trying to grab everything.  The woman has an eye for bling!

Miss Boo's favorite game was Fishing for Rocks. 

For fifty cents she got to "hook" a bag with the pole.  Inside each bag was an assortment of interesting rocks, including geodes, which were her favorites.

Despite my Dutch nature, I was able to part with some cash which I gave the kids to spend on whichever rock they chose (under a certain amount, of course.  One can only go so far past genetics.)

The other game the kids played, which also only cost fifty cents, was the spinning wheel.  Whichever rock the arrow landed on they got to keep.  I was very surprised by the amazing rocks that were available to win!  Boo got a geode the size of my two fists!

It's a good thing I had a baby carrier for Ella, because when we left the entire stroller was weighed down with rocks!


Ellen said...

That's awesome!!! Love it! :)