Saturday, March 9, 2013

Of Pots and Men

The other night I had the oddest dream.  I was in a very deep sleep, and I dreamt that the house was burning.  (Not a pleasant dream, I can assure you.)

The next morning, I woke up and sleepily made my way downstairs, where I found these in the sink.

My last two remaining pots from the set I had gotten at my wedding 13 years ago.
Handyman's response to how they mysteriously got that way?

Response #1: "I can sand off the burns with my hand sander".
Response #2: "This is why men shouldn't be in the kitchen except to eat or brew beer".

I can't be too mad at him, mostly because I was wanting an excuse to get a better set of pots and pans anyway, and also because he braved our horrific snowstorm to pick them up at the store for me!

(Some of you were asking what type of pots and pans I purchased and how I like them.  I'm planning to do a review post soon!)