Monday, March 25, 2013

Peter Better-Butter Sandwiches

My Peter-boy loves to eat.  When he was a tiny baby, he would make contented humming sounds while he nursed (endearing, yes, but frightfully embarrassing for his poor mother who was trying to be discreet).

Fast-forward nine years and he's not any different.  He still hums while eating his favorite foods, which is still endearing and much less embarrassing for his mother.

Peter's favorite food to make himself is his "Famous Peter Better Butter Sandwiches".  First, get your tongue ready, because cutting cheese requires tongue gymnastics.  True concentration requires tongue movement.

Place the (thickly) sliced cheese on two slices of (heavily) buttered bread, preferably Arnold's Dutch Butter Split Top. 

(Preferably because 1) it has butter in its name and 2) because it has Dutch in its name).

 Put both cardiac arrest-inducing sandwich halves into a toaster oven and toast only until the cheese has just slightly melted. This step is crucial.  One must NOT have a gooey cheese sandwich.  That would be less than "better".

Remove the halves, place one on top of the other, and enjoy.  Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat.

Then, take a break and eat lunch.


Angie Tuttle said...

Hmm...that actually sounds delicious! wish I would have asked him to make me one while I was there.