Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Peggy's Gift

While I was in Hartwell, Oma's friend Peggy Broome came by to visit.  Peggy makes the most exquisite handmade leather items which she sells on Etsy, and it occurred to me that perhaps she could make a shawl pin to go with the shawl I plan to give to my sister Angie as a Christmas gift.  (This is not a surprise to Angie, as she already knows about her gift, having begged without shame for one the last time she came to visit.)

So, just in passing, I mentioned what I was thinking to Peggy, and to my surprise and delight she showed up a few hours later with this!!!!

Isn't it amazing?!

I was so thrilled, and even more astonished when she came the next day with three more to gift to other family members that I am able to knit a shawl for!

Peggy was so generous and refused to hear of my paying her for them, even though they were a specialty item and much more difficult for her to make, as she had to cut out the center ovals by hand through very thick leather.

I'm going to ask Handyman or his brother Bob (who's a cabinetmaker) to make wooden pin-sticks to go with the leather pieces, and these beautiful works of art will be good to go!


Acornbud said...

Wow, those are soo pretty!