Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Smithsonian

 Uncle Joshy's house was a riot.  Poor Grammy and Grampy slept downstairs, and every morning they woke up smothered in grandkids.

Megan fit in so well with all of our lovable chaos.  Josh was short on coffee cups, so we improvised.

Oma and Ella shared a room.  Oma has such a way with babies - the two of them really bonded.

On our second day in D.C. we went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  
This has always been my favorite museum, and seeing the bull elephant in the main room was like meeting an old friend.

Unfortunately, the museum was packed and my kids were pretty stressed out with all the people crowding around them.  We're country folks, so such invasion of personal space was very hard on the kids.

We still managed to see some cool stuff though.

After we couldn't stand the crowds any longer, we headed to a nearby fountain to cool off our feetsies before making the drive back to Joshy's house.

After such a busy and hectic day, it was lovely to sit back and enjoy one of Joshy's famous Mojitos.


Merry Marinello said...

Ella looks AWESOME! And the Grandparents don't look worse for wear either :-)