Saturday, July 20, 2013

Uncle Joshy's

My brother Josh lives 45 minutes from Washington D.C., so when we were visiting him we decided to go to our nation's capitol and see some sights.

And eat some food.  Delicious, tasty, mouth-watering food.
 (My first taste of falafel.  It was fabulous.)

After lunch we went to the National Zoo, which is free.  When I was a kid my dad worked at the Pentagon and we spent many happy hours visiting the Zoo and the Smithsonians.

The kids were fascinated with the columns of food versus poop that each elephant consumes/expels.

It was also lovely getting to meet my brother Nathan's girlfriend, Megan.  She is so sweet, and my daughter Boo is fascinated by her, and informed Megan that she "looks just like the princess from The Princess Bride".

Gabe was fascinated by the Ape House.  I think he felt a deep kinship.

Uncle Joshy paid for the kids to ride on the Merry-go-round.

 It was pretty hot, but thankfully the Zoo wasn't at all busy.  What a lovely day!


Merry Marinello said...

HA! The gorilla pictures made me laugh.

Tell me, please...the poop in the column is a facsimile, right? They don't really have the REAL thing on display? LOL!

Anonymous said...

This was such a fun family get together for me. We have to do it again sometime!