Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ella's Cardigan

I was at Knit Night at my local yarn store when I fell to temptation (yet again) and purchased several skeins of some lovely pink/white bulky merino yarn.  In my opinion, pink is such a difficult shade to get correct - to much red and it's harsh, too much white and it's insipid. 

This shade is the perfect romantic shade for a little lady.

The pattern is called Baby Sophisticate and is a top-down raglan design.  I decided not to do the curled collar, as I wanted to keep the cardigan simple (and I was too lazy to pick up the stitches along the neck edge.)

This is absolutely one of my most favorite things I've ever knit.  It's practical, warm, and goes with nearly everything Ella has.  She wears it almost every day.

Despite all the washing it's gotten, the finished fabric has only ever had minor pilling, which I was easily able to remove with a sweater stone.

I made it a bit big and long on purpose so that it would (hopefully) last through the winter.  The nice thing about the top-down construction design is that I could measure it on Ella as I went.

 The yarn is wonderfully soft; a lovely blend of acrylic and merino wool.  The 30% wool allowed for blocking, so the cardigan's bottom ribbed edging lays nice and flat and doesn't flip up (I hate that).

All around, it's just the perfect accessory for little ladies -

And for those who aren't ladies but rather little stinkers trying to climb onto the laundry room shelf.

 (Ravelry specs here).


Merry Marinello said...

Ella, a stinker? I heard that wasn't EVER the case!

Ellen said...

I LOVE THIS! She's such a cutie, too. She looks great! How is she doing?

Ellen said...

What a cutey Petuty! Love that pink sweater.