Monday, December 9, 2013

The "Best Birthday Party Ever"

My little enormous son Peter celebrated his 10th birthday party on Thanksgiving, so we didn't have his party until last Saturday.  His party was held at the Lazer Maze (the same place Bree's party was held), and let me assure you, six little boys are much sillier than six little girls.


 Peter doesn't like cake, but he's definitely his father's son when it comes to ice cream, so we just skipped the traditional cake and had all the toppings for some fantastic ice cream sundaes instead!

We had twizzlers, kit kat bars, gummie bears, chocolate sauce, oreos, and more!
 This is a good time to insert the "do not try this at home" caveat.  Those boys were. so. crazy. after all the sweets!

 When the boys started to get hungry for something more substantial than ice cream, we got them all lined up and headed to the food court.  My favorite place to take the kids (in the mall) is Sno-delicious.  For $3 each kid got an all-beef organic hot dog and a small 3-topping shave ice that is just like the Hawaiian kind (minus the ice cream or black bean option, sadly).  The look on those boys' faces when they discovered they could pick from 95 different toppings was priceless!

When we told the owner that it was Peter's birthday, he got a free upsize to the Volcano.

The owners of that store are so nice.  Not only did they give Peter a Volcano shave ice, but for free they gave all the boys an extra bag of chips.  I was able to feed (and fill!) 6 boys for just over $20.  Unbelievable!

After lunch we headed back to the Lazer Maze to play a bit more before the parents came.  I could overhear Peter's friends talking about how this was the "best birthday party they'd ever been to."

(Since I managed to sneak away to get a Starbucks Eggnog latte and Eggnog cheesecake, I had to agree!).


Acornbud said...

It's hard to believe he is 10 already. What a fun party, but WHO doesn't like cake?