Monday, November 18, 2013

Breanna's Birthday Party

My little Miss Boo celebrated her 8th birthday party this year, and as it was an even-numbered birthday she was allowed to have a party and invite friends. 

She chose a Superhero Theme and it was held at the Lazer Maze in the mall.

The girls had so much fun trying to climb through the room without touching any of the light sensors.  The girls waiting for their turn also had fun watching on the TV screen how the person inside was getting along.  This was all paired with Mission Impossible style music and strobe lights to add to the excitement.

I of course found the day to be fabulous, because I could simply sit in the waiting area with a cup of hot Starbucks coffee, a fashion magazine, and my knitting.

All the girls wore a superhero costume, and Miss Boo went as Wonder Woman, the coolest superhero of them all.

I found it hilarious that as soon as I said, "smile for the camera girls!" they all immediately struck a pose.

After the party was over and the other girls had gone home, Bree and her best friend Harmony got to go to the food court for a tasty hotdog and a shave ice.

(For people local to this area, you have to check out the Sno-delicious booth in the food court.  The shave ice is fabulous with tons of different flavors and their hot dogs are nitrate free and 100% beef and taste wonderful!

We had coupons from the Lazer Maze place for the Sno-delicous booth, so I was able to get the girls two huge hot dogs and two shave ice cups for $3.


They even gave Breanna a free upgrade to the Volcano Cone because it was her birthday!  She loved that especially.

After we left the food court, Breanna used some of her birthday money from Oma to pay for a bungee jump for herself and her friend.  (In hindsight perhaps I should have let them jump before filling their stomachs).

Watching those two silly girls soaring through the air all the way up to the second floor of the mall while wearing their superhero costumes was truly something I'll never forget.

It was a special day for my special little big girl.