Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cabled Bronco Hat

I can't believe I finished Andy's Bronco Hat in one day! I've never knitted anything so fast before. Of course, I didn't do much else yesterday, either. That stupid hat was a pain to knit up, because I couldn't find the right circular needles. JoAnn's only had 29" long needles, instead of the required 16". I was able to work around it, though (no pun intended!).

Peter liked the hat so much he's been wearing it all day. Perhaps I'll just give him this one and knit another one for Andy. This hat is just a tad big for Peter, but it seems to stay on his head just fine. The brim covers his ears nicely, so I won't have to add ear flaps. If I do decide to give him this hat, I'm going to add a pom-pom on the top. Peter requested a pom-pom himself. (I'm going to remind him of that when he's older, and questions how I could let him out of the house dressed so). Hmmmm. Maybe I could sneak a pom-pom on Andy's hat, too . . . . (wicked laugh).