Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mondays are always nice, because I don't have to teach much. The kids are both taking naps (at the same time; can you believe it!), so I've got a few minutes before teaching to update my blog and get some more knitting done. Both of the kiddies have runny noses, and they both seemed more than happy to take a nap. Hopefully the sniffles won't turn into anything worse. The 'flu is roaming 'round about this area.

I got the back done on Mom's Icky Green Sweater (hee hee!). I can't believe how fast I got that done - I only started it a week ago! I've begun the left front, and made some decent headway on that; about 3 inches. If you're wondering about the size, I haven't blocked it yet. Yes, my mom is ridiculously skinny, but she's not that skinny. It'll widen when I block it with the iron. I'm determined to forego my usual impatience, and follow the steps in order this time - block first, THEN sew it together!

I've also decided to knit Andy a nice Coronet hat for Christmas. I thought I picked the right colors, dark blue and orange (he loves the Denver Broncos), but he didn't approve of the shade of yarn I chose. Amazing; the same man who cannot differentiate between black and blue socks, was quite adament that I get the correct colors for his hat. I sat in stunned silence as he waxed eloquent about the subtle differences between the Chicago Bear's "Burnt Umber" (i.e. Orange), and the Denver Bronco's "Sunset" (i.e. Orange). Looks like another trip to Walmart's yarn rack!

Yesterday was Sunday, and Pastor presented the Prayer Blanket to Linda Wells. I think she was quite touched. Linda is doing very well, and has her next operation on December 11. Kerissa was nice enough to take the photos (she's an excellent photographer).