Monday, November 13, 2006

A Day in the Life of the Leverton Family

Not much happenin' round here today. The weather is still quite chilly, so we've holed up here in the house. Andy didn't have to work today, thankfully.

Peter and Andy both got badly needed haircuts. I wish my hair grew as fast as theirs seems to!

After the haircutting entertainment, Peter was ready for a nap. He was very good while I cut his hair, so Daddy gave him a lollipop. The little guy was so tired, he fell asleep before he could finish his candy!

I have re-nicknamed Baby to "BP". That can double for either "Banna the Princess", or my personal favorite, "Bottomless Pit". In this picture she is busily polishing off an ENTIRE pear.

Sometimes I like to take the kids to the local China Buffet here in Freeport. The food is pretty good, and Peter and Banna just love eating there. Since both the kids are still under three, I only have to pay for one meal. I have a feeling that the management weeps when they see us coming; both of the kids can scoff a whole plate's worth of food each, and sometimes Peter takes on two plates' worth!

I am busily cleaning up the house a bit and knitting. No pictures of me today; my hair's not fixed.

Andy has been working on his Ebay selling business. He's also started agonizing over his Fantasy Football team, already. He tells me he enjoys it, but I often wonder . . . .