Monday, November 6, 2006

Monday Madness

Mondays are usually fun days for me. After the weekend, I feel like tackling the upcoming week. (Of course, I just took another dose of my homeopathic remedy, so I feel like tackling just about anything!)

Mom laid down a challenge for the two of us to lose ten pounds by Christmas, and I have reluctantly agreed to do my best (meanwhile, I'm really thinking she's insane). So, every Monday I'm going to post my cute little weight-loss ticker. Lord willing, the hula dancer will steadly work her way to the left of the ruler, and I will look more like the hula dancer!

Of course, I'm already behind, because I made a big mistake when I baked some of Aunt Sue's famous rolls. I should have just taken them out of the oven and immediately bagged them, but instead I "bagged" three for myself! Ah well. I guess it won't be till breakfast until I'm hungry again.