Thursday, November 9, 2006

A Touch of Dutch

Wow, I really have been everywhere this past month, haven't I! My last posting was about my recent trip to Chicago, and now this posting is of my previous trip to South Carolina to visit my family. I meant to do this earlier, but I accidentally left my CD of pictures behind. I think my favorite part of the trip was the time we spent together at the "Hartwell Monastery" (i.e. Oma and Opa's house in Hartwell, Georgia). The first afternoon was so fine, Peter and Breanna played at the Teeny-Weeny Beach in their birthday suits! The entire Lake was pretty much deserted, and I just couldn't deny them the fun of playing in the sand and splashing around in the water. I didn't care so much that they got their clothes wet, but they would have been quite chilled on the windy boat ride home if their clothes were soaked. So, they showed a bit of their "Dutch" heritage (the Dutch are famous for their, um, shall we say, lack of attire?)Of course, I won't post any naughty pictures on the internet. These pictures were taken the second day we were in Hartwell. Funny; the first afternoon was quite hot, but the second afternoon was overcast and a bit chilly.Opa made a paper boat for Peter, and just before we left the Teeny-Weeny Beach, we put it to "sea". Peter had lots of fun watching his little boat float away.