Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Trip to Chicago

This past weekend we drove to Chicago to visit my sister and her family (Angie, Mike, and Caleb). She had to fly to Chicago anyway for a work-related thing, so she came a day early so we could all hang out in the Windy City. Her blog of the trip is much more detailed than mine, so you should check it out.

The first day in Chicago (Saturday), we took a free trolley to Navy Pier. The weather was a tad bit chilly and windy, but not too bad, considering it's November. Peter just loved the trolley (he's fascinated with anything to do with trains).

That evening, Angie and I went to see the Broadway musical, The Pirate Queen. I felt like such a diva, riding in a taxi and getting all dolled up. I was supposed to pay the taxi driver on the way there, and I think he threw me the "stink-eye", because I didn't leave him much of a tip (15 cents for a $5 ride.) Hey, I didn't know I was supposed to leave a tip. It was my first time in a taxi, and by the time I realized my error, the irate man had driven off! I promise, it was not my stingy "Dutchness" coming through!

Angie and I wore matching outfits of red and black. It was so much fun to have a night on the town with my big sis.

The next day, we went to the Field Museum. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we walked most of the way from the hotel. Unfortunately, Peter was very tired and cranky, so we couldn't spend as much time at the museum as we would have like. Still, we got to view the dinosaur exhibit (Peter enjoyed that very much) and got a quick glimpse of the nature exhibit.