Sunday, December 10, 2006

Frogging and Mossy-ness

My mom sent me a wonderful package on Friday, and inside were lots of goodies, including a cute new dress for Breanna. She modeled it for church today, but unfortunately didn't get to wear her adorable hat because Daddy left it in the truck.

Hmmmmm. . . . . I'm looking at my Christmas tree right now, and I've just noticed that the ornaments are out of balance. There are a lot of ornaments up in the top of the tree, but three feet above floor level, there are almost none. I wonder where they went? I'm sure if I asked Peter, he'd immediately reply, "Baby".

I finished the back of Baby's Purple Aran, a self-designed knit. I hope it turns out okay. The yarn is almost sock weight, so although her sweater is much smaller, it's taking me about as long to knit as the cardigan I'm making for myself!

I started another knitting project, because I only had one on the needles. One project at a time is too dull for me, so I cast-on another. (Oh, I finished Andy's socks, but I didn't have a chance to take a picture of them before I wrapped them up. I'll just get a picture of him wearing them after Christmas).

This is my second attempt at designing, and I'm sort of doing better, and also rather worse. The cables I'm doing are a LOT easier to keep track of (although I have to admit I've had my share of frogging, already). This is the front left of a cardigan for myself.

- - - Oh, for you non-knitters out there, frogging is the dreaded term that means: "Thinking expletives while you grit your teeth and pull out hours of work, only to knit it up again. Meanwhile, your cat is happily knotting your unwound yarn . . . .).

Yes, I know that the lapel edge is different. Halfway up, I realized that I didn't like the edge, so I switched to a moss stitch. (If Oma's reading this, I can just imagine the gasp of horror. "What? You didn't tear it out and start all over? When I was a girl, my sister Riet made me tear out all the work I had done on . . . . . ")

I just couldn't bear frogging it all the way to the beginning. After all, it's the left side anyway, so the right lapel overlaps it. I know it's going to bug me, but knitting the perfect sweater isn't my ambition on this current project.

I had to tweak the color of the photo, because my stupid camera doesn't like the color green. Just take my word for it; the yarn is a lovely shade of Christmas tree green, with hints of blue. Just knitting with it makes me feel, well, "mossy". Perhaps all the frogging has gotten to my brain. Somehow a swamp seem rather cozy right now . . . .