Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Miscellaneous Pictures

Isn't my man sweet? He works harder than anyone I've ever met, and yet he still had time last Saturday to work on a special project for someone (I'm specifically not giving details, so don't ask). His project took him most of the day, and he still has some finishing touches to put on it. I am so impressed with how well it came out. (Aren't you just dying to know what it is? Well, I'm NOT telling . . . . hee heee!)

Sunday night we had a church fellowship after the evening service. Peter was tired and cranky so he and Andy stayed home. We two girls went out for the evening. Doesn't baby look unamused?
Last night I finally got around to siphoning off the lees from the wine. It doesn't take that long to do, but I kept putting it off. I'm hoping the wine will clear in time for me to bottle some for Christmas presents for my family. Some of my family get headaches from sulphites that are put in store-bought wines, so my homemade version is a nice alternative.

Ahhh, such a lovely color. I must knit myself a sweater in that particular shade of claret.