Sunday, January 28, 2007

"Tempest in a Teapot", or "A Crises in the Leverton Household"

We are in grave straits here in the Leverton household. This is truly a desperate situation. Something MUST be done!

But what, you ask, is the matter? What is this implied catastrophe?

I am out of honey.

I cannot drink tea without honey.

I cannot function as a human being without tea and honey.

I am reverting to cave woman status.

MUST . . . . HAVE . . . . TEA!
(Yeah, yeah, I could just run to the grocery store, but it's 3 degrees outside. What should I do - suffer frostbite or lose my senses from tea depletion?)

But wait, the crises is not yet past! Insufficient drinkable liquid is only a minor trial compared to the horror of insufficient yarn.
I have been diligently knitting away at my first pair of mittens. Mitten #1 was unsatisfactory, due to uncomfortable fit around the thumb, and so must be frogged. Mitten #2 has a wonderful fit. Yes, it looks rather long, but hugs the hand delightfully. However, I ran out of yarn, and I have ONE MORE ROW TO KNIT. ONE! ONE ROW! AAAAAAGH. (And the thumb, of course. Mustn't forget about the thumb).

Freeport has only one yarn shop that carries the delicious Patons SWS yarn, and I don't think it's open until Tuesday.

Waaaaaah. I want my mittens done now!
On a happier note, I did finish another dishcloth, which will shortly be speeding on its way to - - - - . In honor of the occasion, and because I am in a very weird mood, I penned this Ode:

Ode to a Dishcloth
Oh happy dishcloth!
How beautiful and varied are thy hues and shades!
Thy winsomeness and use shall naught fade.
Tho' thou must be doomed to dwell in
Water fraught with grease and grime,
Be comforted in the knowledge of thy aid
To those who battle cleanly domestic strife;
Yea, that most thankless drudge, the Housewife.

Hey, if the poet Shelley can get away with "Hail thou blithe spirit; bird thou never wert", than I can have an ode to a dishcloth.


Coverstones said...

I love the ode! You never cease to amaze me, oh talented one. So sorry about the mitten. :( My friend from England served me "real" tea this past week and I liked it. Mind you, I didn't love it, but I think that I could learn to love such a great thing. She served the tea with milk and sugar and I did find that the caffeine was a nice added boost to my morning! Get your honey soon!!!!!

Shelley said...

Well...I can't comment on the honey issue, since I'm not overly fond of the stuff (please don't hit me, lol).

How awful to be so close to finishing the mitten and run out of yarn...that is definately a horror!

Great dishcloth, and the poem is cute too!

Renee said...

Ha! You're too funny! Your "ode" is great! :)

Ellen said...

You make me laugh. :) Sorry about your mitten! And doubly sorry about your honey snafu! I definitely HAVE to have honey when drinking my tea! Thanks for making me smile! Hope you had a great day!

Barb said...

Isn't that a little honey left in that jar? Zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds to get the last bit out. Maybe I'm just weird, but I've started putting jelly in my tea. Lilikoi is really nice, and so is orange marmalade. Love you dishcloth and can't wait to see the mittens. At 3 deg, your can really use them!

Anonymous said...

We always look forward to your Friday visits and knitting "encouragement." It's not "harassment" :) Your bread braid looks yummy. Good job! If I head east, I'll definitely grab the honey! :) I do agree with Ali, if I made another fetching, I'd lengthen the part to cover my fingers a little more. I'll try to get another set of sock needles and yarn before next Friday. Still deciding on the sweater (please don't hurt me:) Just kidding!

Danielle said...

Your ode is so cute! I know how you feel about the mittens-and only one more row! Why does the yarn store always have to be closed on Monday when you run out of yarn, or you need that certain size of needles or something? And, yest it's cold! Nice mitten, btw. We need 'em in Il. right now don't we? P.S. my Mom loved her basketweave ones.

Ellen said...

I'd LOVE to hear the choral version of that passage! Let me know if you find it.

TuttleTime said...

OK, you are officially nuts...I'm the only one in our family allowed to banter on like this. Ha! The Dishcloth can live in pride knowing that you penned such a beautiful ode. BTW, call me illiterate but what's the difference between an ode and a poem...lymeric, haiku, etc. :) Ha!

Anonymous said...

ohhh geez (that must be said like a true mid-western wisconsin-like person)...more like "hahh gisz"

anyway..(to continue with my thought)..and here I thought Angie was a dork. an ode to a dishcloth?...hmm, dorkness totally runs in the family. good thing it skipped me - im the cooooolest :)

"hail thou blithe spirit? the bird is werting?" what the heck? whats wert? that Shelly poem is wert than yours LOL I'm sending you some better reading (going to barnes and noble now)

Love your super cool and non-dorkness sister,
Lynn (also known as a super hero disguised as the Head of HR, battling the evils of corporate rat races)