Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Plethora of Birthdays

Hmmm . . . isn't "plethora" a fantastic word? It means "an overabundance". I love big words. I think I've been reading too many Jane Austen novels lately. (Hee hee, read the following sentence with a British accent:) Engaging in such worthy pursuits often leads to one's formation of character, and may well shape the mind of even one such as I!

Anyway, back to the "birthdays" part of the title. Of course, my dear mum's birthday was celebrated last weekend, although her birthday was actually yesterday. Andy and I have our birthdays next Wednesday (yes, we have our birthday on the same day). Then, on Tuesday night our family met at the Rafters restaurant to celebrate Ben's birthday (Ben is Andy's-Dad's-business partner . . . . I think). Peter and Breanna behaved true-to-form; Peter didn't want to eat . . . . .

and Breanna ate all her food and his!

And, of course, I brought along some knitting to do after we ate! (I'm working on the green sock that I posted about previously).


Ellen said...

It never ceases to amaze me HOW similar our two "babes" are!!! Lilli ALWAYS eats all her food and then cleans off what's left of her sisters!! Ha ha. :)
Looks like a lot of good times! :) I think the stole you made your mom is absolutely gorgeous. Your trip to Atlanta sounded so fun!! :)

TuttleTime said...

Baby Bannna is a sweet little piglet! :) I love this picture of messy and sweet, just how a baby should be! I have had Andy's gift for weeks...and of course, forgot to give it to you. I hope that I remember to take it to the PO tomorrow! I should probably apologize for being late now...I am SO bad with mailing stuff. Love you guys! Angie

Lucinda said...

Happy Birthday all around! We've had a bunch here recently too, with one of my nephews, my mother-in-law, & a couple of my friend's kids in the past week.

How fun that you & Andy share a birthday! My husband's birthday is exactly a week before my brother, Andy's. (Yes, my brother is also an Andy.)