Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Although it's difficult to be so open about my struggles with weight (you know, I always have this stupid idea that if I don't talk about it, people won't notice that I'm 47 pounds overweight, lol!), one advantage is the wonderful support I've gotten from my dear blog friends. Sometimes, when I'm feeling the desperate urge to run to the fridge and eat everything edible, I find it helps to go back and read the comments left with my last weight loss post. After all, sometimes we need encouragement a LOT more when we're doing badly then when we're doing great. For instance . . .

I was really hoping to drop two pounds this week, but I only squeaked out one. I think I must be stealing a few too many extra calories from somewhere, (perhaps drinks in between meals, or just a bit too much snacking). Anyway, my dear Mum reminded me of this little chart we worked up together that helps me keep focused. I've pasted it below, although it probably won't be that clear due to it's large size. If you want to use the chart for yourself, I'd recommend copying it, and then pasting it onto whatever document program your computer has. Then, you can adjust the size if you need, and then print! (Oh, the chart was developed for those people who are using the principles in the Weigh Down Workshop by Gwen Shamblin, and I'd suggest reading it, as the chart will make more sense then. However, anyone is welcome to use it!)

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If you are trying to lose weight and want to get some support for yourself as well, please feel free to drop me a line, and I'll be your cheerleader too! Or, you're welcome to join this blog, where a couple of us are trying to "get thin" together!


Lynntinnee said...

Rachel, you can DO it! Does it help to put up a picture of yourself on the fridge? I did that when I was trying to lose weight. I put up a picture of me when I was mega thin in this really thin dress. That helped a lot, my motivation was always a dress or pants size. I HAD to get myself down to size ... and so I made myself do it and refused to buy bigger sized clothes. I need goals or I just continue to aimlessly go along and forget that I'm supposed to be working at something LOL.

Another good thing for me is exercise, either walking or lifting weights (I like to run 3 miles a day), but exercise is good and helps burn off those nasty calories - just pick Banna up with your forearms in reps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (Banna down to rest and then repeat the rep) LOL hee hee (picturing that just made me laugh, I could just see Banna looking at you w/ a weird look like, what are you doing to me?) hee hee

Hope that helps! Stick with it Rach! Stay determined! you can DO IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel,
I am stealing your frig.doc. It is really great. YOU CAN DO IT!! Just keep seeing yourself thin, the more you think thin the quicker you will get there. You Go Girl!!
LOve you,

hakucho said...

Just keep plugging...you don't have to do it all at once...that's not good for you! I know it's hard, especially with young kids in the house, because they snack all the time. At least mine did and they still do.
It's great that you have lots of support...that really helps :)

TuttleTime said...

Go Rach Go Rach... :) I think you are beautiful. Keep working that swift...it has to be a good workout for the arms.

I love Lynn's idea of benching Baby Bannnna! :) The visual of that does crack me up, too. LOL.

There are so many resources that are known to help. I think there are some kind of tea or herb. :) You'll do it, Rach...Love you, Angie