Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I am very bad at finishing up projects. I love to start things, but getting every last tuck and twist into something takes real strength of character for me!

However, I have had a breakthrough of finished projects! I FINALLY got around to blocking the Column of Leaves scarf, and it's now resting peacefully beside it's mate, the Column of Leaves hat, in my "gifts" drawer (which I will not tell you the location of . . .)

Also, I actually BLOCKED and FINISHED my second Maunawili Falls Vest! This is a pattern that I wrote and have submitted to this fall's edition of Knitty. I haven't heard from them yet whether they're accepting it or not, but apparently that's a good sign, as they let you know right away if your submitted pattern is not in the queue of things to be considered. I wish I could put the pattern up now on my design blog, but Knitty's rules state that I can't publish it anywhere until it's been published by Knitty. Ah well! If any of you really want to knit this, though, I can email the pattern for you to "test knit", and you can have it early.

I made some modifications to the original pattern, lengthening the entire thing by an inch, and making the neckline deeper. I think I love it like this, and it's such a nice feeling to finish something, and be completely happy with the results! Whew!

Now to start another one for my Mom in her chosen color of "Lily Pads" (thanks, Danielle, for the better name. You're right, "Lily Pads" is much better than "Pond Scum"!) Yesterday I used my swift and ball-winder to get the skeins ready (oh, I am using Malabrigo Verde Adriana for the next one). Hee hee, I just love knitting toys!

So what about the Bee Fields Shawl? Well, sadly, I am in line for that, along with a lot of things. I went to the website, and found out that due to the amazing number of orders for this gorgeous shawl, she's dyeing another lot of skeins, which, of course, takes time. Then, at the library, I discovered that I have 278 people in front of me to check out the audio book of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In Revelry, I think I've got 1098 people in front of me. Alas, waiting is so difficult for me! As Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride so famously said, "I hate waiting". (If you haven't yet seen that movie, drop whatever you're doing, even if you're knitting, and RUN to the video store and rent it. If you haven't seen this movie, you are in a sad, deplorable state.)


TuttleTime said...

"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father...prepare to die!" Ha! I love that movie. I need to add that to my top 20 movies. It's a classic!

Why do your finished products look so nice?! I'm jealous. By the time I finish Caleb's afghan, I will be relieved but I am already disappointed with the edging on it. Maybe, blocking it will help...we'll see! I can't wait to start my poncho. I plan to get that start the end of this month.

By the way, you look like you are having WAY too much fun with that swift. I want a, that is a cool tool! :)

As my post states, Mike and I are going on a DATE tonight. Can't wait. Pray for Lynn she is NOT having a good day at all today.

Love ya, Angie

Ellen said...

Vest looks great!

Princess Bride is definitely one of our FAVORITES! Haven't seen it in a while... we need to dig it out of the movie cabinet and have a good laugh!

Have a great weekend!

Renee said...

I love that movie too! "Maaurriage is what briungs us together today... True love, a dreaum within a dreaum..."

:) Let's all get together and watch!