Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Only Two WIP?

Usually I have at least three or four WiP (works in progress) going at one time, simply because I like to have patterns with different levels of difficulty, and also because I get bored easily. My method of keeping my WiP down to a rational number is my Denise Needles; if I run out of needles, then I have to finish something first, before casting on again! However, I would like to announce that I am down to TWO projects (Notice the nice full needle box!)

I have the proverbial pair of socks on the needles (most knitters wouldn't really count that, anyway, as a true knitter is always working on at least one pair of socks at a time), and another Maunawili Falls Vest going, which I'm halfway through.

Just recently I finished the Column of Leaves scarf. I didn't write this pattern, but I do have a charted version on my other blog. I just LOVE this pattern. It's a bit confusing at first, because work must be done on the back as well as the front, but after awhile it made sense and then I was able to memorize it. I still have to block the scarf, but I wanted to take pictures of it first, in case I mess it up while blocking (I've never "officially" blocked anything; yes, I can hear the gasps from here!)

The yarn I used is from Sandy's Palette in her single worsted line of hand dyed yarns, and I think it's beautiful. Everyone who's seen it exclaims over the gorgeous colors. It's 100% wool, but not too scratchy. I still don't think I'll keep it, though. I just don't really like wool against my skin. Ah well, another Christmas gift done for someone!

There's also a hat pattern that matches the scarf, and I had just enough yarn left to knit this as well. Of course, I liked the hat pattern just as much. I think I'll try knitting this set again in a yarn that I like, so I can keep it for myself! I'd definitely recommend this pattern (hey, it's free!).

Now I just have to keep working on my socks and vest, and try to be patient while waiting for the Bee Field's Shawl to get here . . . I'm going out of town this morning, and I bet it'll come this afternoon while I'm gone!


Diane said...

Scarf looks great. Plenty of good info out on the web about blocking. It's really easy .... if I can do it anyone can.

Ellen said...

love, Love, LOVE these two pieces! The yarn is gorgeous!! The pattern is beautiful! Wished we lived closer so you could teach me a little to get started. -I'd trade ya' a free cake anytime you wanted!! :p Anyway,... I've said it a dozen times and I'll say it again, you do beautiful work; you're a very talented knitter!

Danielle said...

That's a gorgeous set, anyone would be thrilled to get it as a Christmas present. I hope your Bee kit does come while you're out of town! Yeah, new wip to start LOL! Did you see the bee is going rectangular now too? Wow, Anne is so talented :)