Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Heave, Ho, A-Sailin' We Go"

(Just a quick reminder that my blogiversary contest is still open, so check it out!)

Why do kids like cardboard boxes so much? Lately I've been trying to come up with some easy and fun games for us to play together, and a cardboard box seems to be the most popular. So far, we've gone fishing, sailed to the moon, escaped sea monsters (yes, I'm the sea monster, keep your sniggering to yourself, please), and made Sailor Banna walk the plank (well, actually, Peter just dumped her out . . .).
Another game we've started is what I call "Money-toss", and I got the idea from one of the fair vendors. I've collected a few pennies, and Peter has to try to toss them into my muffin tin. I place a broom on the floor, and when he gets all the pennies in, he has to back up a little bit to make the next toss harder. His aim is actually improving, and it's easy to clean up afterwards!