Sunday, August 26, 2007

Knitting Update

Just a quick reminder that it's not too late to participate in the contest I'm having for my blogiversary!

Awhile ago I started knitting a scarf that I designed called White Diamonds Lace Scarf, and I finally got around to finishing it. I found out that I was one skein too short, but thankfully my LYS still had ONE skein left, and 50% off (woo hoo for sales!).

I blocked it with pins, and that really did open the lace-work up beautifully. I've not done much with lace before, but I've seen on other blogs how much a difference blocking can make, and it was fun to get to see it myself.

The main body of the scarf is a repeated pattern of 28 rows, but the edges have a little more lace of a different pattern. I'm rather pleased with the result, and I'm debating whether I should try submitting it to either MagKnits or Knitty. Hmmm, we shall see. I'm also debating turning the pattern into a stole. That does mean more knitting, though!

(Oh, side note: sadly, I was told that the pattern I wrote called Maunawili Falls Vest was not chosen for the next edition of Knitty, but I'm going to try to submit it to MagKnits next. Keep your fingers crossed for me!)

I finished the first panel of Peter's birthday blanket, and he's already using the long strip to cuddle with. I think it will be a success (in his eyes, I mean), but it's going to take much longer than I had anticipated. There's a lot of cables, and for some reason I didn't realize how much knitting is actually required to make a blanket! Duh, me!

I started the second panel, which is in Peter's chosen color of cream. I'll have to make several panels just like this, because it is evenly interspersed with the green panels. Thankfully this one is knitting up faster, as the cables rows are less often.

And finally, I have the back done on the men's vest. I was anticipating this to be the biggest stretch for this project, and I'm glad the back is "behind me" (hee hee, couldn't resist the bad pun!) It's just simple stockinette, but knitted with size 5 needles, it did take a while.

It is some consolation, however, with how much I love the color of this yarn. It's just the nicest heather I've ever seen, and it took some searching for me to find it! I had originally planned to knit this with Wool-ease or Caron One Pound, but this is the best by far.

Well, I've gotten the scarf done for Christmas knitting, and am plugging away on the rest!