Sunday, August 26, 2007

Playing Around

During the day the kids like to play with their toys, and I just can't resist snapping pictures of them. I don't usually scrapbook these pictures, but it's fun to share them anyway via blogland!

We made playdoh together with a simple recipe of food coloring, flour, and salt, and the kids put it to some interesting uses.

Breanna tried eating it (of course), but thankfully the amount of salt in it made it unpalatable even for her (the child thinks cat food is a treat. *Sigh*).

Peter, true to his love of trains, turned it into a very messy train track. (Really, what is it about men and sound effects?)

Peter also likes his cars, and he parked them all neatly against the wall (I wish he'd do that all the time - it'd make clean-up a lot easier!)

Breanna likes reading a lot. She makes a mess, pulling all the books off of the shelf, but she surely does look cute in the pile of books, reading intently! It will often keep her occupied for up to 45 minutes, a wonderful thing for me.

Kids are a lot of work, but they're definitely worth it!