Friday, September 14, 2007

Everyday Happenings

I'm sorry that I've been so remiss in blogging, lately. Usually I post something at least several times a week, but the past few days I've felt very lazy. I can't promise to quit being lazy, however, so we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed!

On a happier note, my wrist is almost completely back to normal, so I can start knitting again. Of course, I've been a bad girl and have been knitting (just a little) in the interim. I know that I pledged to only work on Christmas stuff until all the gifts were done, but I fell to the temptation of selfishness and cast on two more things for myself. *sigh* I'm sure I'll get over the guilt eventually!

I started the Bee Fields shawl, and have made some good headway. I've never knit an offical shawl before (except this one, which doesn't really count, as it was just a modified dishcloth pattern, but we won't tell that to the recipient, will we?). I've finished the first section, and have only knitted a few rows after the reverse stockinette section. I must confess that I've shamefully stolen this photo from the Bee Fields KAL, but I'm just too lazy to go upstairs and wake the slumbering Bee for a photo shoot outside. (It looks the same, anyway). I'm thoroughly enjoying this knit, and the yarn is just the scrummiest stuff (that's an official term for something very, very nice).

The second thing I've cast on is the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's a trifle boring, with all the mindless stockinette, but it comes in handy for TV watching. The yarn is working up like a dream. My only worry (other than the ubiquitous fear that it won't fit) is that the color may not look good on me. I wasn't really thinking that when I fell in love with the yarn. Perhaps I'll tan myself more so I'll look good for my sweater (What? Of course my priorities are in order . . . ). Of course, as before stated, I am too lazy to take a picture of what I've done so far. If you really want to see what I've done so far, you'll just have to wait in suspense until my current spell of malaise (isn't that a fantastic word?) is over. Suffice it to say that I have about 6 inches of stockinette. Not very exciting, but there you have it.

The weather has been so beautiful lately, and my roses are enjoying the cooler evenings. I think they're putting on the "grand finale" before winter hits. The whole backyard smells wonderful right now, and I've made several rose bouquets for the house that look rather nice, too.

The bees are buzzing around all the flowers, and thankfully, the kids have left the bees alone to do their work (the bees, not the kids. The kids never work, unless you count the amount of effort that goes into messing up the house.) I caught Breanna trying to "hug" a bee, but after a stern lecture, I *think* she got the idea that "bees are busy right now, and don't need kisses".

While I am feeling rather blase, that hasn't kept the kids from being little whirlygigs! Andy was working in the garden last night, and Breanna and Peter had to be right there "helping".

Breanna was supposed to be picking the potatoes out of the ground, but I think all she got were clumps of mud. She got so dirty, I had to strip her before letting her back inside. She looked rather like a pink potato herself by the time she was through "helping" Daddy.

Peter was surly today, and I figured out the reason, finally. The poor little guy has food poisoning. Andy had made him a bowl of cereal yesterday morning, and didn't realize that the milk he poured into the bowl had soured. Peter, being the cereal nut that he is, didn't seem to care. (I swear, the kid doesn't even slow down long enough to taste his cereal, he eats it so fast!)

Thankfully, after a (very) fitful night's sleep and some other - um - "business", his system has cleared itself out, and he's back to being my little sweetheart of a boy.