Monday, September 24, 2007

First Day of School

Today was our first day of school. We've decided to homeschool Peter for a little while, especially since he's not yet 4. After talking to other homeschool moms at my church, I decided to go with the A Beka curriculum, which seems to be very user friendly. I had originally tried to teach him some stuff without a curriculum, and he did pick up some things, but it's much easier for me to be consistent when I have a lesson plan and method book to follow.

Our first lesson was phonics, and we *tried* to learn the letter I. I think he got it down, but he kept confusing the names of "Capital I" and "Little I", calling the lower case letter "Little Capital I". I made up a funny song for him, though, and I think that will help him keep the names straight.

His letter flashcard for "I" had an Indian on it, and he got to do an Indian poem with hand symbols, too, that he thought was pretty cool. Since we were on the whole "Indian" theme, we made hats from some feathers we collected at a farm a few months ago.

After that, I let the kids watch Disney's Peter Pan, so Peter could enjoy watching the un-politically correct Indians dance around and with their feathered hats.

I don't think he's ever noticed the headdresses before, but he thought it was pretty cool that he had a similar hat. (They even have similar facial expressions, lol!)

All in all, I think our first school lesson went rather well!

(Oh, I promise my next post will have knitting content. Sorry to all you knitters out there who read my blog. I have been knitting - just haven't been good about snapping photos of WIP's!)