Friday, September 21, 2007


Lately it's been difficult to find the energy to do much, but the kids still demand a lot of attention. After all, they can only watch so much TV! Today has been especially difficult, as they are starting to get a little extra-naughty due to the decreased amount of attention. *Sigh*. So, there hasn't been much knitting around here (I'm so lethargic, I find myself sitting and watching the wall. Just sitting. I must be ill.)

I've been letting Hunny Bunny in the house lately, just to see how she behaves herself. Thankfully, she's been very good about going in her litter box, and just thumps around the house. Hunny Bunny provides some much-needed entertainment for the kids (when she's not napping behind the dryer).

Breanna thought it was pretty neat that the letter "R" from his alphabet train had a rabbit just like Hunny Bunny.

Peter's school books finally arrived (yes, I ordered them quite late. I tell you, I have NO energy.) Hopefully, we'll start school tomorrow. Even though I'm a teacher (I teach private music lessons at home - voice, violin, and piano), it's always so much more difficult teaching your own children. I just hope I can have patience and kindness!

It helps a lot that Peter's an extra-sweet little boy! (Those are bread crumbs on his face. He just got through eating a toast-and-jelly sandwich.)