Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Banna Boo!

Thursday was Banna Boo's second birthday, so we took her to Culver's for a birthday treat. She was so excited to get her very own chocolate sundae! Everyone at the counter was laughing at her, because she kept clapping her hands and (very loudly) saying, "I LOVE ice cream" (or "I-keem", as she says).

Since she loves Winnie the Pooh, we got her a few Pooh things. Her Pooh doll was an instant hit, and she kept hugging it even before I got it out of the box!

She wasted no time in showing Pooh her favorite toys, like the rocking chair that was Peter's first birthday present from my family. Of course, Peter had to get in on the fun, too. (I think all the attention for Banna Boo was killing him.)

We've been potty training her, too, so we got her a new Pooh Potty, so she can make "poo". (Get it, Pooh for poo? Okay, terrible pun . . .).

The next day, I was fortunate enough to have a vehicle, so we went to our local Chinese restaurant for a birthday lunch treat. The kids LOVE Chinese food, and since they're both under 3 still, it's relatively cheap. Peter eats enough General Tsao's Chicken to make the management weep.

Of course, Banna Boo does her share of the eating, too.

Happy Birthday, my little Banna Boo!