Monday, November 5, 2007

Odds and Ends

These are just some random pictures that I took throughout the last week. They don't really fit into any "theme", but the kids looked so cute I couldn't resist blogging them!

This is Peter wearing his Indian vest that he started making when Grammy was here. Since I managed to finish it with him in less than a year, I consider it a homeschooling success.

Blogless Lynn kindly gave us a ride to McDonald's last Wednesday to meet up with other MOPS moms that get together once a week. In doing so, she single handily averted a double homicide, as the kids were driving me nuts that day. Breanna seemed quite happy to have something besides PB&J's for lunch. Poor, deprived child.

On Sunday, after church (and after a sinfully fattening meal of mashed potatoes, stuffing, beets, and ham), I took the kids on a three-mile walk on a local bike trail that meanders nicely through the countryside. They were so good, that I decided to off-set the benefits of healthy exercise with some mentally healthy ice cream. (Hey, we must feed the body and the soul!)

Peter definitely deserved it, as his little legs biked three whole miles, and he didn't complain once (except when I wouldn't let him pick up a snake we found.)

And finally, this is what's left of the Halloween candy loot. The kids have been on a sugar-high for two weeks. I think I'm going to crawl into a hole and not come out until they're twenty.