Thursday, February 7, 2008

Holes are Nice Places

I feel awful today. Not truly, flu-like awful, but very awful nevertheless. My nose is running fast enough to win the New York Marathon, my throat is sending painful spasms of coughing that convulse my entire upper body every two minutes, and my back feels like it went through a spaghetti machine. Can I just tell you that I'm feeling miserable?

I have two very active children running around the house, but they're soon due to be in bed (thank the Lord) for their afternoon naps. However, I on the other hand, have 3 hours of music lessons ahead of me. *Sigh*. Do you think my students will notice if I take a nap on the couch while they're playing? Hmmm, most likely my cold will cause me to snore, so perhaps I'd better abandon that wonderful notion.

After the lessons are over, I'm going to crawl in a deep, dark, hole, and not come out until winter is completely gone, my nose feels more like a nose and less like Niagra Falls, and I can finish a sentence without hacking. I've given up ever having relief from my back. I think I'll just walk around like Frankenstein for the rest of my life.

Sorry to whine so much, but there's no one else nearby over the age of four to talk to. I just need a big internet hug and lots and lots of hot tea. Brandy in the hot tea would be even nicer, but I suppose that's not an option right now. *Sigh*.

. . . where's that hole . . .