Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A White Post

We here in the Frigid North are being forecast to receive ridiculous amounts of snow starting, well, now through tomorrow AFTERNOON. Twelve inches in some places! The small child in me is rather excited to be buried alive in the white stuff, but as that small child is very, very, very small regarding snow matters, I have effectively locked aforementioned small child in the basement of my soul until it can behave itself rationally.

Since my view from the window is showing nothing but whiteness, I figured I'd do a white post today.

This is a picture of a deer that was gifted to us by formerly blogless Lynn's husband, whom I believe she is going to start calling "the Great White Hunter" on her blog for purposes of safety and anonymity. (As it is obvious that her husband has an entire arsenal of weaponry at his disposal, I don't much see her point).

While Handyman and I are extremely grateful for GWH's generous gift and prodigious skills in the killing department (Handyman is already drooling over the summer sausages he's going to get, and I'm dreading Handyman's breath afterwards, but anyway . . .), I have to wonder at my friend's taste in men. I mean, did she know that her hubby was slightly crazy when she married him? The man shot this deer early in the morning - THE MORNING IT WAS 35 BELOW ZERO!!!!!!!!! That day it was so cold, when I went to their house to pick up the animal, I was freezing in my boots just standing outside for a few minutes! The deer itself was still steaming, and I was very ticked at the deer for being warmer than me.

You know, I'll never understand people who's hobbies lead them to go to drastic measures . . . . oh . . . hmmm . . . . yes, I see what you mean. . . perhaps I shouldn't look too hard at other people's hobbies . . . . anyway, onward . . .

Well, I figure that Great White Hunter and I are even, as he was wonderful enough to shoot us two deer in abysmally freezing temperatures, and I baked them chocolate chip cookies in return. How does that even out, you say? Easy. He obviously enjoys hunting, and I hate baking cookies. Hate it. With a passion. Complete waste of time. So, we're even.

A few days later, when the weather warmed up a bit, I was a good momma and took the kids outside for an hour. Did I mention that I hate playing in the snow? (Hmmm, must stop complaining . . . sorry . . . ) The weather's been so cold here this winter, that all the snow we've been getting has been worthless for sculpting/playing purposes. Poor Peter, he sees all this wonderful looking snow outside, and it doesn't even stick together enough to make a snowball.

I finally just got out my shovel and dug two small holes in the biggest snow drift I could find, and declared it a "snow fort". It seemed to satisfy them, poor deluded children.

Breanna was surprisingly happy outside the last time we ventured beyond the door step. Of course, she's usually content if she's got something to eat.

Can you believe that my innocent, sweet-looking son could be such a stinker? He carried that gigantuan ball of ice all the way up the stairs, just so he could dump it on me. *Sigh* He must get his devious streak from Handyman.

Or not.

When is April Fool's Day again?

(Please note: April Fool's is my ultimate favorite holiday. It even ranks above Christmas.)


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