Monday, February 11, 2008

Still Under the Weather (but not the Covers)

An extra-special thanks to all you sweet people out there who left such nice comments on my last post. Although I was feeling quite ill, it was very cheering to get your comments! I'm still not feeling anywhere near 100%, but at least my kids aren't recoiling in horror when they first get a glimpse of me coming around the corner.

Not to keep going on (and on) about my many and varied illnesses, but this is such an interesting topic to me that I feel compelled to verbosity (hee hee, I just couldn't resist the word, "verbosity"). The worst part of having an infernal cold/fever combo is that I'm pregnant. So, not only is it difficult to breathe because I'm growing another little Sleep Deprivation Machine, but I can't breathe through my nose. On top of that, I keep getting Braxton Hicks contractions that suck what little air is left in my veins out into the stratosphere. Can we just say that my brain cells are severely starved for air? (I need all the brain cells I can get, too.) I'm seriously debating my long-standing rule of "no medications that might be harmful to the baby". Wouldn't death of the mother due to slow suffocation come under "harmful to baby"?

Anyway, enough complaining. I actually do have some knitting to show ya'll. Plus, I need a reality check (with knitting. This knitting, actually. Nothing else, please. I prefer to keep my other delusions securely in place, thank you very much.)

This is supposed to be a little panty/soaker to go with the Anouk dress I made for my sister's baby. The pattern actually calls for DK weight yarn, but I want to use the same worsted weight yarn that I used with Anouk. Do you think this looks too big? It's supposed to fit a 8-16 pound baby. It's been awhile since I've seen baby bottoms that small, so I'm having trouble imagining. If you have a tiny baby, can you just hold a coke can up to baby's posterior for me and get an approximation? I'd be ever so grateful. I don't want to work on this any more until I'm sure of the size, but I don't want to pull it out and start over, either, unless I have to.

Okay, my short moment of relative lucidity is over, and I'm going to go fall headfirst onto the couch now. (That way my kids can jump on my carcass while I'm trying to sleep).