Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm in Love

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I certainly did!

The kids and I made a yummy meal of Stuffed Pasta Shells for a special dinner, and for dessert we made Rice Krispy Treats. I know that's not all that fancy, but Handyman prefers bulk over quality, and I haven't made him those snacks in awhile. I also got him the ubiquitous card and chocolate box, but that's boring, so I won't bother taking a picture of that.

I got a nice haul from Handyman, too. "Peter" got me these beautiful roses (they really are gorgeous, too. The color is so vibrant!), and "Banna-Boo" got me these yummy chocolates. Although, I have to admit that Miss Boo didn't seem to want to let go of the package when she was supposed to give it to me!

(Just as an aside, these Nestle Treasure Truffles are some of the best chocolate I've had in awhile. I hate to admit it, because I'm rather biased against Nestle, but these truffles are better than Dove Chocolates, my usual favorites!)

As an extra-special treat, Handyman rented the movie Becoming Jane about Jane Austen, and actually sat through the whole thing with me! I know this was truly an act of love! I, on the other hand, loved every minute of the movie, and bawled during several sad scenes. I'd highly recommend it if you're a Jane Austen fan.

Finally, I have some sock pictures to show you. I thought it highly appropriate that I was knitting with such lovely red yarn during Valentine's Day. I'm completely and thoroughly obsessed with this sock.

The pattern is quite addicting, too. It's a combination of knit and purl, with changes to the established pattern every four rows. This makes the sock fun to knit, but just interesting enough to keep it from being boring.

Once Anne gets it on her website, I'd highly recommend getting the pattern!